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How Can A Coaching Approach Transform Leadership?

Listen back as Natalie Boudou and her guests Dominique Ben Dhaou, Julien Baehni and Ndeye Lebrun discuss the changing role of leadership in the 21st century and the role of manager as a coach.

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Do emotions belong in the workplace?

Listen back as Natalie Boudou, Elliott Rae and Hajar El Haddaoui discuss:

◦What place do emotions have at work?
◦How much is too much?
◦Why are so many of us still reluctant to talk about emotions or show them at work?

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TEDx Glion Institute London
The power of fear in a changing world

After beginning her career as a commercial lawyer, Natalie moved into the communications field before making a seamless transition into the world of executive coaching and consulting. In 2016, she co-founded and managed a training and consultancy firm specializing in resilience and agility at work. She has since worked with multinational corporates as well as various UN organizations.

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The RecogNation: An Employee Engagement Podcast

It's Not A WorkForce, It's a HumanForce, Part 1

``Today, people leaders must not only master their own emotions but also use strategies to support emotions at work to create a more productive, supportive and energising work environment for all``.

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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Reinforcing Emotional Connection in times of uncertainty

How can managers prepare for the “new normal” and reinforce emotional connection within their teams?

During uncertain and highly stressful times, there is a large reliance on managers to maintain the Health & Wellbeing of their team. Leading a team during uncertain times is not easy!

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The Future of Learning

For High Performing Leaders and Teams

How can you ensure the maximum business impact from your learning programmes?

The past 12 months have underlined more than ever that HR and senior management need to invest in building resilient adaptable workforces that embrace continuous learning and that are capable of sustained behaviour change.

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