Systemic team coaching

A coaching process that enables collaboration within the team and the organisational systems it is part of towards purpose, fulfillment and goal achievement. Key elements include psychological safety and alignment with stakeholder needs as well as a focus in the internal team dynamics.

TCI Team Diagnostic model

A coaching programme that looks at the team in two dimensions: Productivity strengths and positivity strengths and includes 4 diagnostic products based on a proven model and that have been used with thousands of teams worldwide since 2005.

Team Diagnostic Survey

The TDS Framework assesses 6 conditions of effectiveness in a team. These conditions influences a team’s processes (effort, strategy, knowledge & skill) and ultimately team effectiveness (task performance, group process and member satisfaction).

Team Resilience Learning Journey

A blended learning journey across 3 to 4 months to bring about sustainable change. This programme, which can be delivered remotely to global teams, increases team connection, team care and provides tools and strategies for team members to strengthen their personal resilience.

Partner with us for a customised and unique coaching experience to enhance team effectiveness, team cohesion and team performance.

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Transformative Learning Journeys for Teams

Our transformative learning journeys are designed to bring about behaviour change and also connect teams who may be working remotely or across different continents.

Watch how the travel retail team of L’Occitane increased their resilience through the HPLJ® to overcome unprecedented changes due to the Covid pandemic.

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