Our Values.

Act with Integrity

We always act in the best interests of our clients and with integrity and transparency. We seek facts, provide insights and engage authentically

Commitment to expertise and evolution

We make our skills and expertise available to our clients and strive to continue to evolve, improve and innovate to remain agile and cutting-edge in our thinking, services and products.


We anticipate, prepare, respond, and adapt to changing circumstances based upon a culture and engagement of trust, transparency and innovation.


We work collaboratively and are solution focused to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes for people to thrive whatever their role.


We are worthy of the confidence our clients place in us and demonstrate reliability and confidentiality.

Our team.

Natalie Boudou

HumanForce Founder

Natalie has a proven track record in building healthy, motivated and resilient Human Forces that deliver sustainable performance

Gill Whitty-Collins

Author & Keynote speaker, Consultant, Trainer & Executive Coach

Gill is a world class expert in building gender equality and leveraging her experience to create organisations that drive sustainable business and growth

Simon Fillery

Mental Health and Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Simon is a passionate colleague engagement leader with over 15 years’ experience in directing diversity, wellbeing and community initiatives.

Ellen Kocher

Facilitator, Coach, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author

Ellen is an expert in workplace wellbeing programs and coaching that empower and inspire people to go from knowing what to do to actually doing it

Dr. Rebecca Nicholson

Conflict & Behavioural Efficiency Consultant, Author, Trainer, and Character Alignment Coach

Rebecca is a podcast host, consultant, trainer, researcher, and author working with leaders across sectors and cultures. She specializes in conflict

Simone Reeves

Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach

Simone is passionate about developing teams, leadership and organisational health and effectiveness, systemic change, culture & future of work

Nathalie Baron

Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach

Nathalie is passionate about developing people , personal branding, and has strong expertise in female leadership

Niki Parker

Coach and Trainer in Mental Health and Wellbeing

Is a Certified Leadership Coach working with senior leaders, high potentials and those in (pre) retirement

Tim Sandock

Facilitator, Trainer and Executive Coach

Tim is an experienced Executive coach from the IMD with a passion for bringing out the potential in every human at work

Daniela Rusu

Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach

Daniela is passionate about helping people and organisations thrive.She develops capabilities, emotional, social and collective intelligence to drive health and performance

Natalie Wood

Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach

Expert in developing resilient and healthy cultures at work, with experience of creating and delivering transformational learning programmes

Anna Stando

Facilitator, Speaker: Gender Equality & Mental Health

Anna is a specialist in DEI and Health and Wellbeing. She strives to build healthier, happier and more equal workplaces

Bettina Hauptmann Eidens

Expert in Talent Management and Leadership Development

Bettina is a seasoned expert in talent management whom works with organisations to balance business objectives with thriving and and healthy human forces

Elliot Rae

DEI & Mental Health consultant

Elliot is one of the UK’s most prominent speakers and writers on topics around fatherhood, masculinity, mental health, equal parenting and gender equality.


We have a team of experienced Keynote Speakers and Tedx Speakers who also moderate and chair conferences regularly

Watch our Founder, Natalie Boudou exploring the power of fear at the Tedx event organised by the Glion Institute in London 2021.