The ‘5A’ Approach.


We leverage our HumanForce PULSE to assess and identify the key issues holding your organisation & people back from contributing & delivering their best.

Awareness & Acceptance

We work with your Leadership team via interactive workshops to drive deep understanding of the key issues within the organisation and to identify together the most important opportunities to focus on to unleash your HumanForce and step change performance.


We build strategic solutions & interventions that are tailored to address your key issues & opportunities and drive sustainable cultural transformation. We deliver behaviour changing programmes – Transforming, not Training – for all levels of the organisation.


We deliver an annual review of progress on your HumanForce Action Plan, identifying the issues & opportunities which need continued or new focus


We tailor our solutions to your specific opportunities and needs. Here are some examples of what we offer:

HumanForce Pulse

Designed to create a Resilient culture within an organisation

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Transformative Learning

Create behavioural change and
maximum business impact

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Become an influential and inspirational leader

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Health & Wellbeing

Aimed at developing a caring
environment that fosters trust,
innovation and performance

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Diversity & Inclusion

Learn the benefits of a diverse team and the advantages this brings

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High Performing Teams

Become a team rather than a group of talented people

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In the first weeks of the COVID crisis, HumanForce ran exceptional webinars for us around the subject of emotions, leading and caring for teams. These were impactful and immediately actionable which is often hard to achieve in a short space of time. They were grounded in strong research, and a passionate engaging style which really helped people talk openly about their situations.

Jane Hoskisson.

Director, Talent, Learning, Engagement and Diversity