If you are looking to build your emotional agility, engage your teams and embrace the power of emotions at work then this book is for you!.

This practical guide provides…

  • Employees with tools to cultivate self-awareness and work effectively with their emotions at work

  • Leaders with insights and tips to build their emotional intelligence for trust and inspiration

  • Organisations with strategies on how to build emotional cultures that engage teams, attract and retain talent and enhance performance

Some of the essential topics covered in the book.

  • Working with your own emotions – short-term and long-term regulation

  • Leading with empathy, vulnerability and increased emotional awareness

  • Working with fear during change at work

  • Emotional work to lead difficult or sensitive conversations, and to feel at ease dealing with conflict at work

  • Gender and emotions at work the challenges and tools to break down stereotypes

  • Building positive cultures of belonging, care and recognition

Natalie delves into the essence of what makes a workplace human. How we navigate the waves of emotions at work, with our teams and in our daily lives. She reveals one of the best kept secrets of successful leaders:by using the power of emotions and reading through the multiple signals that they send we can make better decisions and enable better working environments for people.

Elise Buckle
CEO of Climate and Sustainability
Co-Founder of SHE Changes Climate –
UN Advisor & International Gender Champion

Boudou’s insights are what leaders need to harness the power of emotions – both energy depleting and energy uplifting – to dramatically impact performance and happiness, both for themselves, and those who they lead.

Amanda Shantz
Professor of Management and MBA Director
University of St. Gallen

How do you ensure that your team members remain motivated, efficient, happy, inspired over the long term? Natalie gives us the key to an innovating & inspiring leadership.

Anne-Sophie Eymeoud
Director General Rothschild & CoWealth Management, Belgium

As Natalie has reinforced so eloquently that leading with empathy and emotion and personal vulnerability is an absolute must to connect, inspire and build a culture of belonging.  I have done this throughout my career, and it really works.

Mike Piker
Global DE&I and Reward Director, Flutter Entertainment

…. Natalie Boudou explores the reality behind the headlines, tackling the complex subject of emotions in the workplace, which if acknowledged and managed well make all the difference for employee well-being, sense of belonging and connection…..   As Natalie demonstrates throughout the book, this is at the heart of strong company performance.

Charlotte Lindsey Curtet
Chef Public Policy Officer, Cyber Peace

Human Force places emotions at the centre of our working lives. In this fluent mand clearly written book, we can all learn how to become more aware of our own complex emotions, before we regulate and apply them in our professional lives and in the workplace… Human Force is essential reading…

Maleiha Malik, Professor of Law, Kings College London (January, 2023)

This is a wonderful journey through the world of emotions and provides practical tools to help address the challenges life throws at us. Grounded in centuries of thinking and presented in a language we can all relate to… a great read!

John McCusker Global Vice-President of Talent Management Bacardi

As we enter into the post-COVID era, the role of emotions can no longer be mminimized or ignored…. the tide has turned from running a work force to nurturing a human force.Human Force: The Power of Emotions in a Changing mWorkplace is a thought-provoking piece……, Natalie Boudou guides readers through a realistic vision of how human potential can be optimized for the mutual benefit of employers and employees.

Dr. Rebecca Nicholson, Ph.D., author of Executive Sexism andNatural Healing
as Conflict Resolution.

Natalie's analysis and thought leadership around how we bring our emotions to work and what that means for our careers and workplace culture is absolutely brilliant…. I think this book is essential reading for all leaders and managers.

Elliott Rae Author, Speaker, Founder and Editor in Chief