HumanForce Masterclass

Leveraging the power of your emotions at work

We are excited to announce our Masterclass for leaders who want to work with their emotions effectively and leverage their emotions for increased performance and wellbeing.

Why sign up?

This Masterclass is for leaders looking to:

  • Gain self-awareness
  • Increase their personal resilience
  • Manage their emotions in the moment when they arise
  • Develop long-term emotional wellness
  • Leverage their emotions for impactful leadership


What will you get from this programme?

Natalie is a highly experienced and versatile professional with over 30 years’ experience in the corporate world. As CEO and Founder of HumanForce she works closely with leaders and teams to unleash the potential and strength of their human capital.

Her work is focused on developing emotionally intelligent leaders and teams and delivering programmes that foster belonging, engagement and care at all levels of an organisation. She has worked closely with multinationals from a variety of sectors including Pharma, FMCG, Sports and Luxury and also various UN organisations.

The workshop, which has been delivered successfully for the past few years, is based on Natalie’s experience and also her best-selling book “ HumanForce: The power of emotions in a changing workplace”.

Together we will understand how emotions impact performance, how we can gain self- awareness of our emotions and how we can work with them to gain balance, composure, and impact.

What makes this Masterclass Unique?

Natalie and her team are highly trained authors and specialists in the field of emotional intelligence.

The Masterclass will be highly interactive and participants will also get to embed the learning in between the 2 sessions with carefully designed mini assignments. You will receive a 1-2-1 coaching session with Natalie to get a personal focus on areas you may wish to explore.

What’s included?
  • Two 90 minute group sessions on Tuesday 10th October and Tuesday 24th October from
    20.00-21-30 CET (do check your timezone)
  • Mini assignments to embed the learning in between the sessions
  • Learning materials
  • A follow up personal coaching session with Natalie
We are offering an Early Bird registration price of ONLY 350 CHF until 4th September

Natalie ran exceptional workshops for us around the subject of emotions at work. These were impactful, actionable, grounded in strong research, and delivered in an engaging style which really helped people talk openly about their situations.

Jane Hoskisson

Director of Learning and development IATA

Natalie delivered an amazing half day workshop on emotions at work. It was insightful, engaging and I would highly recommend this workshop. Thank you Natalie.

Amanda Shantz

Professor of management and MBA Director University of St Gallen