Letting go of perfection for resilience

Letting go of perfection is a common theme that we come across during our leadership coaching at HumanForce. It is always surprising to meet high-achieving and outstanding individuals, who are terrified of under-performing or not being “good enough”.

Perhaps it is a sign of today’s highly competitive society where people feel that they have to be at their very best all of the time? Most people have their reasons for pushing themselves so hard. It may be linked to a lack of affection or recognition in their early years or as a result of them having had to cope in a difficult situation…

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Compassion is key how to bring it into your workplace

Compassion is a key component of resilience. Too much energy is wasted in resentful…

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A strengths-based approach leadership

A recent team offsite event that I co-facilitated with my business partner, has inspired me…

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Failing for success: the key to resilience

A few months ago, I wrote an article on letting go of…

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