Five benefits of normalising employee emotions for SMEs

By Natalie Boudou

Showing emotions in the workplace has notoriously been seen as ‘weak’ or ‘unprofessional’. But the pandemic threw this outdated view into sharp relief, and triggered a shift in perspective about what employees of all ages want from the workplace. There is a demand for a company culture that is supportive, inclusive, trans­parent and trustworthy. Staff are looking towards their place of employment for a sense of purpose and want to feel in control and empowered. Most of all, they want an emotional connection.

Employees are the life and heart of any SME. When staff feel like they can bring their whole selves to work without fear of judgement, productivity, engagement and job satisfaction flourish. Leaders must gain an understanding of the value of emotions at work in order to create a more connected, open and in turn productive workforce.

Here are five key benefits of normalising emotions for SMEs:

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