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How Can A Coaching Approach Transform Leadership?

Natalie Boudou and her guests Dominique Ben Dhaou, Julien Baehni and Ndeye Lebrun discuss the changing role of leadership in the 21st century and the role of manager as a coach.

Part 1. It’s Not A WorkForce, It’s a HumanForce

Today, people leaders must not only master their own emotions but also use strategies to support emotions at work to create a more productive, supportive and energising work environment for all

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Do emotions belong in the workplace?

Natalie Boudou, Elliott Rae and Hajar El Haddaoui discuss, What place do emotions have at work?

The Future of Learning

How can you ensure the maximum business impact from your learning programmes?

Inspiring Women Leaders

Natalie joins Dr Adam Harrison on his popular podcast Inspiring Women Leaders

Inclusive Growth Show

Natalie joins Toby Mildon to suggest practical ways leaders can create positive emotional cultures in the workplace. 

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Part 2. It’s Not A WorkForce, It’s a HumanForce

A discussion about emotional differences by gender, giving men permission to express emotions, having difficult conversations, establishing trust and emotional safety.

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BBC Radio Interview

BBC Sheffield's Sile Sibanda is joined by Natalie Boudou CEO of HumanForce to discuss the power of emotions in today's workplace.

Gilly Hope | BBC Radio

Gilly Hope chats to Natalie Boudou on BBC radio about emotions in the workplace and how leaders can harness them.

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Fostering Greater Emotional Connection

Natalie Boudou and John McCusker as they explore strategies to build greater emotional connection with teams and employees.

Featured: Inclusive Growth Podcast

"Sometimes we ignore our emotions, particularly those that are unpleasant and painful. Emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness.. we don’t like the feelings they produce. If we do talk about them we categorise them as positive or negative. This is not helpful".

Featured: The Recruitment Show By Bentley Lewis

Emotions – both positive and negative – have significant impacts on our work. Joy and hope can boost our productivity and cultivate positive relationships with colleagues, while anxiety and anger, if not managed well, can lead to conflict and hamper focus.

But how can we effectively harness the power of emotions at work?

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The Impact Of Emotions In Negotiation

Natalie appeared on CABL's LinkedIn Live with Giuseppe Conti, as a guest expert, listen to their fascinating conversation about AI and Negotiation