Transformative Learning Journeys are.

Designed to achieve

Behavioural Change

Supported by state-of-the-art

Digital Platform

Tailored to create maximum

Business Impact

“Creating Awareness and Sustainable Change”

Most diversity and inclusion programmes and health initiatives could be greatly strengthened by working the mindsets, beliefs and behaviours of leaders over a period of time. The same can also be said for building emotionally intelligent leaders who need to practice and embed new learnings over time.

Our high performance learning journeys ensure that training is focused not only on awareness building but also on behaviour change.

The Transformative Learning Journeys’ Key Principles:

  • Moves learning away from AN EVENT to a JOURNEY

  • INCREASES LEARNER’S implication and commitment


  • Integrates KEY PRACTICE & BITE-SIZED LEARNING opportunities


  • Delivers TANGIBLE RESULTS AND MEASUREABLE business impact

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UEFA in Switzerland Case Study

UEFA in Switzerland wished to provide their managers with a programme to strengthen their leaders’ performance management , increase accountability for their teams, build trust and learn how to be role models for a new coaching approach to leadership. Working with a team of people managers over a period of 4 months, we delivered a highly impactful learning journey using our cutting edge platform, assignments for the managers on the job and plenty of practice to embed the learning.

Taking the time to listen and taking everything on board… I have gained so much time and for this has been amazing.

Hansa Smith Velji

UEFA. Senior Brand Production Manager.

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