What to expect from Natalie.

Dynamic, Engaging, Tailored Presentations For Your Audience

  • Dynamic and customised presentations, focusing on the outcomes that you want from your audience

  • Fun and engaging delivery with interaction and where desirable, practical tools that can be implemented by the audience immediately

  • A pre-event consultation to understand your company’s needs and tailor the material accordingly

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The Power Of Fear In A Changing World | TEDx

Gender, Power And Emotions In The Workplace | Lean In Zurich

Explore the power of emotions for leadership. One of our most valuable assets in our fast-paced and challenging workplaces and a driving force behind performance.

The Power of Emotions in Today’s Changing Workplace | The Recruitment Show

Covering covering vulnerability, psychological safety, and the importance of empathy in the workplace.

Popular topics.

  • Building a Learning Culture
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing your Leadership
  • Developing Diverse and Inclusive Teams
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Effective Communication and Conflict Management
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You’re In Good Company
Natalie’s Speaking Events.

Natalie has participated in forums and associations dedicated to promoting female leadership and has enjoyed collaborating with several educational schools working with students to build their emotional intelligence skills. She is an engaging TEDx Speaker. Natalie is also a guest speaker on a number of virtual events and leadership podcasts.

  • BBC Radio

  • The Future of Learning

  • Inspiring Women Leaders

  • Inclusive Growth Show

  • RecogNation

  • Bentley Lewis' The Recruitment Show

  • Ted Talks

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Check Natalie’s availability for your event – email nboudou@human-force.ch or telephone Natalie at +41 79 194 55 01. Alternatively, connect with Natalie on Linkedin

Right from the start, as a client we could feel the energy and enthusiasm of Natalie to deliver training with our people managers. She grasped quickly our culture which helped to create mutual understanding when delivering the workshops. Of course, her expertise is fundamental and builds credibility and trust

UEFA. Senior Brand Production Manager.