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The Future of Learning

For high Performing Leaders and Teams

The past 12 months have underlined more than ever that HR and senior management need to invest in building resilient adaptable workforces that embrace continuous learning and that are capable of sustained behaviour change. The world of L&D is changing and we, at PEPIT are moving away from the traditional event-based trainings to high performance learning journeys that incorporate social and on-the-job learning and allow learners to practice and embed their learning immediately.

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How HR leaders can enhance their EQ to stay ahead of AI

By Natalie Boudou

The advent of new tools such as ChatGPT and other generative AI is set to change the way we work forever. For some this new world is alarming.

Despite the exciting technological advances, many are resisting the changes and worried about what this means for human beings. How will the machines redefine the value that we bring to the workplace?

One way for HR leaders to stay ahead and redefine their added value is to focus on working effectively with their emotions.

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How HR leaders can enhance their EQ to stay ahead of AI

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Why the Smartest Businesses are Investing in Building Resilience

Globalisation, digitalisation and economic upheavals mean that organisations are under constant pressure to adapt and endure in order to build a sustainable future. Never has the capacity for resilience been so important for companies to not only survive, but even thrive in the face of change.