How HR leaders can enhance their EQ to stay ahead of AI
Why You Should Care

There are huge concerns that AI is going to steal our jobs. Instead of worrying, it's time to lean into our uniquely human skills, like emotional intelligence (EQ). Here's how to do it well.

Technology and the plethora of apps and communication tools that we must deal with have changed our working lives.

The advent of new tools such as ChatGPT and other generative AI is set to change the way we work forever. For some this new world is alarming.

Despite the exciting technological advances, many are resisting the changes and worried about what this means for human beings. How will the machines redefine the value that we bring to the workplace?

One way for HR leaders to stay ahead and redefine their added value is to focus on working effectively with their emotions.

For now, AI has not been able to mimic or replace human empathy and compassion and certain skills such as motivating, understanding and interacting with each other are still done better by humans and the skills based on emotional intelligence (EQ).

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