You cannot change what you cannot measure

The HumanForce Pulse is a tool developed with academic researchers and based on years of business experience. It measures the ability to change, to adjust positively and to cope with challenges proactively whilst grasping opportunities.

This high level assessment consists of data analysis, stakeholders interviews and focus groups with an optional employee survey and provides companies with a report and recommendtions.

HumanForce Pulse provides ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS and a strategic approach to design a learning programme based on ORGANISATIONAL AWARENESS

  • Easy to implement

  • Can be incorporated into an HR or Corporate Strategy

  • For Organisations or divisions from 30 up to 5,000 employees

  • 3 to 6 weeks process from start to finish

  • Guaranteed Anonymous and Confidential

The Pulse has come at the right time for us to look at how we build a culture that fosters innovation and change agility to achieve our short term and long term goals. The process has been easy to implement and I am certain that it will not only raise awareness of what is working and what needs more attention, but that it will also give us valuable recommendations to identify where we need to successful execute on our strategy for the future.

Emmanuelle Le Louarn.

Medtronic. Senior HR Manager.