Harness The Power Of Emotions To Navigate A Changing Workplace

WRITER Kiera Sowery

Showing emotions at work is notoriously seen as ‘weak’ or ‘unprofessional’. But the pandemic threw this outdated view into sharp relief – revealing the need for human connection, in order for staff to feel supported, psychologically safe and valued in a constantly changing and uncertain workplace.

New book, HumanForce, is the ultimate guide to harnessing the power of emotions at work. Grounded in the latest academic research, this book reveals why leaders must grow their emotional intelligence to boost productivity, retain top talent, and ensure healthy and thriving teams.

Why this book matters

  • 6 in 10 employees feel they can’t express emotions at work – it’s time for leaders to tackle the stigma of being overly emotional in the workplace to create a more mentally healthy, inclusive and connected culture
  • Empathy is one of the top traits Gen Z employees expect from leaders – emotional connection and support from leaders are vital to attract and retain the next wave of workers
  • Emotional openness is key to navigating change in a post-pandemic workplace – helping leaders to work through challenges like remote working, technological advancement, rising staff loneliness and chronic stress
  • Packed with practical tips and strategies to work with rather than against your emotions – from enhancing EQ to embracing vulnerability, dealing with conflict and handling challenging conversations
  • Features the latest academic research and case studies into the power of emotions

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