EQ and AI: Why Emotional Intelligence is the key entrepreneurial skill in the face of AI

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on businesses is on many entrepreneurs’ minds. The technological advances of AI have irrevocably changed the way we work – but for better or worse?

here’s no denying the practical benefits of AI for startups, with generative AI tools like ChatGPT helping to streamline data entry, automate repetitive tasks and predict trends to scale more efficiently. Nevertheless, there is one element that AI cannot replicate which is fundamental for entrepreneurial success, and that’s Emotional Intelligence.

The journey of starting and scaling a business is a highly emotional one. It’s full of highs and lows, failures, fears, successes and uncertainties. In this rapidly changing world, an enhanced EQ is vital for entrepreneurs to manage their own emotions in order to maintain an edge in the face of AI. A high EQ opens the gates for founders to start working with their emotions, rather than against them – to develop resilience in the face of uncertainty, manage their fear of failure, avoid burning out, and increase their own, and their teams’, creativity.

There are certain steps any entrepreneur can take to develop their Emotional Intelligence: Keep Reading

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