Set in Emotion

"When change is performed with people rather than foisted upon them, anxiety and fear around the process can be reduced as well as engagement meaningfully nurtured." Natalie Boudou, The HR Director

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Forbes Feature

A Blessing And A Curse: How Can Leaders Manage Their Egos? Sally Percy looks at how effective ego management is essential to being a good leader

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In The Spotlight

Emotions can be one of our most valuable assets in fast-paced and challenging workplaces and a driving force behind high-performance.

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Inspiring Women Leaders

Natalie joins Dr Adam Harrison on his popular podcast Inspiring Women Leaders

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Natalie Boudou | HumanForce Founder

Natalie Boudou

HumanForce Founder

Workforce. It’s a word we use every day.

But it’s a word and a way of thinking we want to lay to rest.

Why? Because if you are a company or organisation, you don’t actually have a workforce. Your people are not just workers. What you have is a group of individual, unique, holistic human beings who work but who also live, love, sleep, and play. They have different genders, cultures emotions, ethinicities, sexuality,
physical abilities, working preferences, strengths and talents.

At work, they are driven by a sense of belonging, contribution and recognition for their unique skills and expertise.

Outside of work they have families to care for, problems to overcome, friends they want to see, passions they pursue.

And when you see and understand and treat them this way, you will unleash a power and potential in your people and teams that you never thought possible. You will no longer have just a workforce, you will have a HumanForce.

Our proven methodology is based on the latest academic research and science, and years of working with organisations across our expert HumanForce team.

Our solutions are designed to drive sustainable behaviour and cultural change with our 5A approach:

  • Analysis

  • Awareness

  • Acceptance

  • Action

  • Audit

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The HumanForce team is composed of highly experienced and skilled consultants, trainers & facilitators, coaches and keynote speakers who are experts in the fields of resilience, health & wellbeing, leadership, diversity & inclusion, recruitment, talent and leveraging individual & team strengths.

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